19 Internet Users Share Lifesaving Facts We Should Remember Once And For All

We all are well aware that there is no international emergency number. Each country has its own code of numbers for a given emergency. Apart from all these facilities, we often find ourselves in such emergency situations where we have to for our own lives all by ourselves.

And that happens when we are not aware of the several hacks or we don’t have their knowledge that can come in handy in the moment of a calamity.

1. We will try our best to keep you abreast of such happenings so that you can take care of yourself during a catastrophe.

2. There are many times when you face a tornado.

Whenever you see that the tornado is not moving, then do not relax. There are many chances that the tornado is moving fast towards you. You will have to act fast to move out of the way of the tornado, or else anything serious can happen.

3. Now a days cardiac a-rrest are very common. The doctors have prescribed a number of ways to avoid a. But we will suggest you a very simple and easy method to escape a heart problem.

Immediately as you think you are getting a, at once chew an aspirin . you will feel relaxed and soothed.

4. If you are locked in a room and there is no ventilation. Suddenly you smell roasted almonds. But there is no one roasting almonds. Then try to get out of the room immediately as cyanide smells like roasted almonds and is a malignant venom.

5. In case of flame by grease, petrol or kerosene, etc, never try to use water on the.

Always use soda or sand or mud to suffocate the or try to cover it up with a blanket or other utensil.

6. In case someone has fainted and you got to give him CPR, then you have to have a right rhythm for it. Si it is better to hum a song to get you the right rhythm.

7. In case of dehydration, you may drink coconut water, but do not eat the coconut as it contains oil.

8. If you get into a pool of water and the water tastes metallic then rush out of the water as the water may be electrocuted by a electricity wire. During winters always keep a candle handy as a candle gives enough heat for saving you getting frozen by the cold.

9. Garage door springs can finish you if you open them the wrong way.

10. If your house smells of fish then open all the windows and doors for ventilation, you could save your house from an electric.

11. You are not charged to call 911, so don’t waste precious time searching for change at a payphone.

12. Never give CPR to a person in bed.

Put him on the floor and then give him CPR.

13. A bird flies towards water, the first thing in the morning. So you can follow a bird to collect potable water in the morning.

14. If a man is shouting and making gestures with his hands, then he will not hit you. But if a man is walking towards you with no expression and no movement, then ru8n for your life.

15. It is necessary to boil and drain red kidney beans as they are poisonous.

16. The international code SOS is three short, three long and three short.

17. If your building is flooded then don’t take the elevator to the parking floor. Take the stairs.

18. If ever being chased by a polar bear then take of any of your clothing and drop it. He will waste time in inspecting it.

19. If a shivering man feels hot or warm and wants to take off his coat then do not allow him to, as he might be having hypothermia.

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