71-Year-Old Man Defending Business A-ttacked With Concrete-Filled Bottle As Mob B-urns Store

A viral video watched over 1.4 million times shows the desperate man carrying a extinguisher to stop a in the mattress store where he worked which was started by looters.

When he arrived at the opening, he began blasting the extinguisher at exiting looters carrying glass bottles in their hands. After a looter tossed a bottle at the man, he ran in their direction and sprayed the extinguisher at them before again returning to his store and spraying at more looters exiting the store carrying bottles.

Suddenly, a looter tosses a sucker punch at the man as the person filming the event unfold screams “no” and runs to the man’s aid, who has fallen on the floor and seems almost unresponsive. People rush to his aid as gore rushes from his nose. The video cuts to a scene moments later when the man is sitting upright as he applies pressure to his nose. The person recording is heard screaming at looters that this was unwarranted, and looters responded they are scared for their own lives.

Another video shared on social media identifies the man as Mr Robert who works at the mattress store owned by a couple named and Keith. A man in the video says “they started the and he started putting it out but they started pounce him and he went to the hospital, he’s out now.” The man in the video said Robert suffered a broken jaw and a black eye, and need stitches, and said he’s about 70 years old.

“I don’t mind the strike man, I mind the toughness and ransack. That’s what’s disgusting. I understand the injustice, but I don’t understand this, at all,” the man said. A GoFundMe was created to help pay for Mr Robert’s medical expenses as well as help and Keith relocate their store. “strike and looters set to and Keith’s magical mattress shop in Kenosha, WI,” the GoFundMe begins.

“The building and all contents are completely destroyed. Our dear friend Robert was onsite and tried to stop the strike. Robert was viciously pounce and beaten.” “Emergency medical attention was needed and further operation will be required,” the GoFundMe continued. “I have seen these three folks help neighborhood people for years with money, food, mattresses when no one could afford to pay.

“They have served the Kenosha community selflessly and so didn’t deserve this horrible pounce.” Peaceful strike in Kenosha soon turned to fiery ransack throughout the night as the city came out in record numbers to strike the incident of Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old father of three, who was hit in the back seven times by cop over the weekend. The father remains in serious condition in a Milwaukee hospital while the officers involved are on administrative leave.

Wisconsin governor Tony Evers declared a state of emergency following Sunday night’s ransack and set a curfew on the city to begin at 8pm, which was not lifted until 7am the following morning. He additionally sent the Wisconsin National Guard to Kenosha and had sheriff deputies close exits to the city. The governor also called for a special legislative session to take up a package of cop reform bills that had been introduced in June.

However, the precautions were not enough to stop ransack throughout the city for a second night in a row. Julia Jackson, Blake’s mother, asked strike to remain peaceful and avoid continuing toughness in the city. “It doesn’t reflect my son or my family,” she said. “If Jacob knew that was going on as far as that goes, the toughness and the destruction, he would be very unpleased.”

This Article Was Originally Published On (25 Aug 2020)

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