D.L. Hughley Thinks Kanye West Is The ‘Worst Fcking Kind of Human Being’ – Video

D.L. Hughley has made a career off giving his honest and raw opinions. As a result, he’s not going to hold his tongue when it comes to Kanye West’s latest moves.

During a recent interview with VladTV, Hughley touched on how detrimental West’s comments have been. Hughley also charged ‘Ye is using his mental illness as a way to hide his hand while making other moves. “What Kanye does that I despise is he constantly puts an asterisk next.

Like it wasn’t that bad,” Hughley said close to the clip’s one-minute mark before comparing West to President Trump. Complex reports on 19th Aug 2020, “He and Donald Trump are exactly the same kind of people,” Hughley continued. “They are demigods, they are narcissists, neither of them read, and I’ve seen both of their wives. … [Kanye West] is the worst human being.”

Hiis comments came in response to thoughts West shared about Harriet Tubman at his South Carolina rally, though they were far from his first misleading, ahistorical remarks.

Lovebscott told on 19th Aug 2020, Hughley went on to tell DJ Vlad that West’s Tubman quotes were strategically used at a time when the Army was tossing around the idea of renaming confederate bases.

“Donald Trump said ‘Who are we going to put on the base? Al Sharpton?’ Of course, people know Al Sharpton’s not going to be a base, but Harriet Tubman might,” Hughley said. “Is it really that coincidental that you bring up Harriet Tubman at a time when we’re talking about who we’re going to name these bases after?” This isn’t the first time Hughley has making divisive comments and attributing several confusing moments to his mental illness.

Hughley furthered this notion by explaining to Vlad that there are a lot of mentally ill people in the United States, but few get attention and care similar to Kanye West. “There’s a lot of homeless people who have had tragedy happen to them and they couldn’t put it together and they don’t live in Wyoming and Calabasas,” Hughley said.

This article was originally published on the on 19th Aug 2020, on 19th Aug 2020

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