British White Man Knocked Out After R-acist Rant Against Black Youths- Video

London Bridge might be falling down, but so is this man after getting his clock cleaned for spewing crap in public. Check out this one-hitter-quitter that went down over the weekend on a train in the London Underground metro system, where this white guy was mouthing off to three youths … for no apparent reason.

Tmz reports on 17th Aug 2020, He starts out as simply bigoted, but eventually turns.

Watch … the man’s going off about this being “my home” in an incoherent tirade. He’s arguing with the one guys off-screen, who’s asking what his name is and where he’s getting off.

Soon, the instigator brings up race, saying with derision … “You’re black.” Nypost told on 17th Aug 2020, People around him ask what that has to do with anything, and he shooshes them, “This is popular.” You can tell he’s getting a kick out of riling everyone up too.

The video then cuts to the three dudes getting off at their stop, and as they pass the white man — who’s got his fists balled up, — one the young’ns swings on him and connects with his jaw, sending the guy flying back and landing hard on the ground. He’s out cold, staring off into space as people say he deserved it … before a couple of people start helping him.

Officer say they’re aware of the incident and are investigating. You can check here for video.

This article was originally published on the on 17th Aug 2020, on 17th Aug 2020

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