L.A. County Sheriffs Point G-uns At Three Black Teens As Bystander Informs ‘They’re The V-ictims’ – Video

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. tells TMZ, the 911 call came in …. The kids were detained and after deputies spoke with them and witnesses, they were released and no custody were made.

Tmz reports on 10th Aug 2020, The Dept. doesn’t know what happened to the homeless man.

The L.A. County Sheriffs are again after pointing it at three black teens who actually needed their help following several 911 calls.

The incident went down Friday in Santa Clarita, about 35 miles north of L.A., and you see in the video a bunch of deputies roll up as several other deputies are already pointing high-powered at the teens, who have their hands up.

Tammi Collins, the mother of one of the teens, says her son and a couple of friends were sitting at a bus stop when a homeless man asked if they had any crack and then tried. She says the man became super aggro, ripped his shirt off and pulled a knife on them, and attempted to stab them.

She says the kids fended the man off with their skateboards. Lovebscott told on 10th Aug 2020, Tammi says several 911 calls were placed and all but one claimed the boys were the sufferers, but one caller, she says, told the dispatcher.”

The deputies have their trained on the teens, as bystanders explained they were the sufferers, but the cops were unmoved. It’s unclear if the teens were placed under custody. We have no idea if the cops detained the homeless man, or if he was even around when they arrived. We reached out to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. … so far, no word back. You can check here for video.

This article was originally published on the on 10th Aug 2020, on 10th Aug 2020

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