Bashirah Tripp Charged After Running Over Her Man – Video

A Virginia woman who’s charged of intentionally running over her partner in a parking lot last week was caught on video screaming at the man, spitting on him and throwing a dislodged bumper on top of of the motionless sufferer.

The shocking footage shows the angry assailant, identified as 34-year-old Bashirah Tripp, repeatedly shouting profanities as her partner was lying face down on the ground.

“That’s what happens when you leave your wife,” she yelled and clapped near the sufferer. “I gave you 18 years of my life.” Officer said the man was taken to the hospital in bad condition.

It happened Thursday afternoon in front of multiple fearful onlookers at a shopping center in Norfolk.

“I immediately see his fly in the air,” Deshawn Davis told local station 13News Now. “First time I’ve seen anything like that in my life.” Tripp then got out of her and began circling around the man’s unresponsive while shouting at him, according to multiple videos shared on social media. She was in custody at the scene and has since been charged.

You can check here for video.

This article was originally published on the on 11th Aug 2020

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