‘R-acist’ Woman Deliberately Coughed In Baby’s Face To Teach Mom A ‘Lesson’ On Social Distancing – Video

Officer in San Jose, California, are asking the public to help them find a woman who coughed on a baby after having a verbal altercation with the baby’s mother in a frozen yogurt shop.

According to a press release from the San Jose cop Department, the incident happened on June 12 at a Yogurtland. Shortly after 5:25 pm, surveillance video shows that the suspect and the baby’s mother were standing near each other in line.

“The preliminary investigation revealed the suspect was upset the female was not maintaining proper social distancing, so the suspect removed her face mask, got close to the baby’s face, and coughed 2-3 times,” the press release reads.

People reports: “The suspect left the scene and has not been identified or apprehended.” The child’s mother, Mireya Mora, says she believed the incident was motivated.

“Me and my grandma are Hispanic and she started telling me about my distance and my son once I started speaking Spanish to my grandma,” Mora told ABC 7 News. Thestir.cafemom told: The 1-year-old boy is doing well and has not tested positive for COV-19. According to the press release, the suspect is described as a white female in her 60s, medium build, wearing a gray bandana, glasses, long sleeve shirt with gray vertical lines, white dress pants, and patterned tennis shoes.

Mora tells ABC 7 News that she hopes that the woman is apprehended and charged. “She did it on purpose,” Mora told the station. “It’s not like she did it on incident. It happened so quick I was in shock. She got close, she took off her mask, and she coughed three times, super hard, on my son’s face.

If he were to get sick, it’s just, I can’t even imagine.”

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