Chicago Christopher Columbus Statue At Center Of Pr-otests Has Been Taken Down – Video

It comes a week after strike attempted to topple a statue of the Italian explorer in the city. Although temporary, they are the latest monuments to be removed amid an ongoing backlash against perceived symbols of bias and imperialism in the US.

The movement has been sparked by the loss in cop custody of African American George Floyd. His loss in Minneapolis has led to strike in the US and internationally against cop and inequality.

The office of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said in a statement that the Columbus statues – in Grant Park and Arrigo Park – had been “temporarily removed… until further notice” on her orders.

The decision came after strike clashed with cop as they attempted topple the statue of the explorer in Grant Park last week. There had been heated confrontations between and supporters of the statue hours before.

In June a 3m (10ft) bronze statue of Columbus was toppled in Saint Paul, Minnesota, while another in Boston, which stands on a plinth at the heart of town, was beheaded. Many people in the US celebrate the memory of the explorer, who in many textbooks is credited with discovering “the New World” in the 15th Century.

But Native American activists and others have long objected to honouring Columbus, saying his expeditions led to the colonisation and genocide of their ancestors.

This Article Was Originally Published On (24 July 2020)

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