Boosie Says No One Can B-eat R.Kelly In A ‘Verzuz’ Battle-Says He Has More Hits Than Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder & Beyonce – Video

In an interview with VladTV, Boosie got candid about a few things! The interview opened with his thoughts Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith and August Alsina’s entanglement, and somewhere it took a turn from one messy topic, to another messy topic, featuring R.Kelly.

Theshaderoom reports on 24th July 2020, During the exchange, Boosie made it very clear that he felt that when it came to musical talent, R.Kelly was untouchable.

In the video you can hear legendary names thrown out but it doesn’t sway Boosie in any way! Boosie boldy proclaimed “And by the way, no one can go in a ‘Verzuz’ battle with R.Kelly in the world, living.

Thesource told on 25th July 2020, Needless to say, his comments have sparked a huge online debate.

Some people think he’s speaking facts, while others just need him to sit this one out. Boosie isn’t a stranger to controversial comments. Just a few months ago, he found himself in hot water with a particular fraternity after sitting court side wearing a Kappa shirt.

What seemed like a joke at first, quickly turned into Boosie saying that the Kappa’s aren’t allowed to stroll to his song ‘Wipe Me Down’ if they don’t let him wear their greek letters. The stand off didn’t last long before he apologized, but if nothing else it was entertaining to watch it all unfold.

This article was originally published on the on 24th July 2020, on 25th July 2020

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