Angry Mob Beat Nurse Over Fears He Would Infect Them With COV-19

A nurse who recently recovered from COV-19 has been hospitalized after an angry crowd beat him outside his home in western Argentina over fears he would infect them. Daniel Porro was diagnosed with COV-19 on June 19 and spent 14 days at a Bouquet Roldán Hospital receiving treatment.

The medical worker was discharged following a negative test and decided to spend additional time at his mother’s home where he recuperated and then returned to his residence in the province of Neuquén.

But ever since going back to his home in the Neuquén town of Colonia Nueva Esperanza, Porro was on the receiving end of rebuke from residents. Residents feared he would spread the virus in the neighborhood since he had been one of the many healthcare workers who contracted the virus due to an outbreak the Ados Clinic where he worked.

The medical facility was shut down June 10 following the infection of five workers, four of which required hospitalization. In all, 45 people who at some time visited the clinic, were tested positive for the virus.

Ados Clinic finally started receiving patients again on Friday. Porro told Argentine newspaper LM Neuquén from his hospital bed that he decided to confront his angry neighbors last Thursday before he was savagely beaten and momentarily lost consciousness. The nurse told how he stepped out to the sidewalk and a man told him ‘leave because you have a positive [COV-19] case and we are going to the house, we do not want people like you in the town’.

Porro was then hit and punched and taken to hospital. While at the hospital, the family of the individual, who instigated the strike, set his home on conflagration. Porro’s vehicle was also stolen before the cops found it derelict nearby. Authorities have not yet detain anyone for Porro’s, the cautery of his home or the theft of his car.

As of Monday, Argentina has reported 126,755 confirmed COV-19 cases and 2,260 loss of life. Health officials in Neuquén have reported that 842 residents have been infected during the including 22 who depart.

This Article Was Originally Published On (20 July 2020)

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