Woman U-rinates On Floor After Refusing To Leave Verizon Store For Not Wearing Mask – Video

An outraged California woman reportedly chose to urinate on the floor of a Verizon store after refusing to leave for not wearing a face mask last week. In a 911 call obtained by CBS Sacramento, a dispatch operator told officers with the Roseville P-olice Department that three shoppers were ‘refusing to leave.’ The unidentified woman, who was not wearing a face mask, was asked to leave several times by Verizon staff but refused to do so each time.

Verizon, like so many other businesses and major retail chains, now require customers to wear face masks while shopping at store locations amid the Cov-19. Three minutes later, the dispatch operator revealed to the officers that the upset woman had urinated on the store floor.

‘They’re calling back and advising that that female is pulling down her pants and is now urinating inside the business,’ the operator said.

Roseville cop arrived at to scene and discovered the woman had been involved in other concerning behavior. A search through her vehicle revealed that she had stolen several items from a nearby Sporting Goods and authorities detain her soon after. Residents who heard about the incident were shocked and appalled by the woman’s irrational actions. ‘Absolutely not. That’s totally inappropriate. We’re not animals,’ said Michelle Davidson.

‘I’m very disappointed that we as a society choose to have this unity and let the virus divide us,’ she added. ‘I don’t really have much to say except that’s probably not the right way to react to it. Simply wear the mask or leave I guess,’ Kelly Berger said. A Verizon spokesperson told CBS Sacramento that the incident wasn’t just about its new mask policy, but did not elaborate about what happened. has reached out to the Roseville P-olice Department and Verizon for further comment. Several instances of mask-induced wrath has cropped up in recent weeks as the public health measure became politicized amid a particularly divisive time in the United States. One such incident on Friday that involved a group of beachgoers who refused to wear mandated face masks and claiming they ‘are knock us.’

One man even offered to two Youtubers at the beach who were giving away free face coverings. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention ‘recommends that people wear cloth face coverings in public settings and when around people who don’t live in your household, especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.’ California is among states that have implemented face mask mandates as cases surge in COV-19 hot spots across the country.

The recent spike in cases across the Golden State prompted military medics to deploy to eight hospitals where staff was inundated with cases and struggling to stay afloat. In fact, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said Sunday that the situation was so dire in his California city that authorities were considering a new stay-at-home orders. The Air Force, at California’s request, assigned 160 people to increase capacity in intensive care units.

California had been on a good trajectory with its virus efforts until mid-June. While the mask rule in California mainly mandates that face coverings must be work inside, they must also be worn outside if it’s not possible to stay six feet away from others. The United States has recorded more than 3.7miliion cases and 140,119 people loose life.

The Mercury News reports California counties reported 6,846 new cases and 91 loss on Saturday. On Friday, there were 9,427 new cases and 112 tragedy.

The majority of new cases are coming out of Southern California, were Los Angeles County counted nearly 3,000 new positive results, Orange County had 702 and SAn Diego County had 625. At the moment, 30 of California’s 58 counties are on the Department of Public Health’s watchlist – which could delay reopening measures and complicate plans to resume school in the fall.

This Article Was Originally Published On (19 July 2020)

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