Moment Teens Fly Thump Baby Girl And Invasion Her ‘Pregnant’ Mom In B-rawl In Front Yard – Video

The footage, shared on Twitter, shows an allegedly pregnant woman standing outside a home with her young daughter, while two girls repeatedly kick and punch her. Out of nowhere, a young man runs up to join them and kicks the baby girl square in the face instead, sending her flying to the ground.

The male then gets up off the ground and runs towards the woman being raider before proceeding to drop kick her in the face as she lays helpless on the ground.

The two other women continued to kick and punch the suffer as the child screamed. The young daughter can be heard crying out in pain as she watches her mother being savagely beaten while a third girl in pink records the incident.

The suffer eventually pulls herself up off the ground as the walk away – only for the male to return and kick her in the back, prompting her to fall and hit her head on the side of a doorframe.

The female suffer was reportedly pregnant at the time of the incident. Meanwhile, the identity of the raider have not been identified. The video has been shared multiple times on Twitter. The mom of the male who strike the young child has defended her son’s actions. In a lengthy Social Media post following, she wrote, “He didn’t try to kick that baby, he tried to jump over the baby on to her and made a mistake.

“My kid is not the type to kick a baby, accidents happen.”

This Article Was Originally Published On (14 July 2020)

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