Kim Kardashian West Speaks On The Mu-rder Of Ahmaud Arbery & Urges Her Fans To Sign Petition To Put Him Behind Bars

As outrage has spread across the country regarding the senseless and tragic loss of Ahmaud Arbery, many celebrities have taken to their social media platforms to speak out about the incident—including Kim Kardashian West.

Kim took to her Instagram stories to publicly speak out about Ahmaud’s loss and encourage her fans to sign a petition in an effort to detain the two suspects involved.

Kim Kardashian West is no stranger to fighting for lawbreaker injustice, as she is not only currently enrolled in law school, but has actively been responsible for the release of several people who were wrongfully imprisoned or received severely harsh sentences.

Now, she is using her incredibly large platform to speak about the heart-breaking loss of Ahmaud Arbery, who was k*lled by two men—Travis McMichael and his father Gregory McMichael—while out for a jog in Brunswick, Georgia.

Kim posted the following message to her Instagram stories:

“Please sign this petition so that charges will be filed and justice for Ahmaud Arbery’s family can be served.


As we previously reported, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has officially decided to look into the matter that initially occurred back in February—but only recently gained national attention because the video of this went viral on social media.

Meanwhile, Travis and Gregory McMichael have not been detained and charges have yet to be filed against them.

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