Woman Alleged Kevin Hart Conspired To Have Se-Xual Act Filmed And Leaked, $60 Million Lawsuit Dismissed By Judge – Video

A US Federal judge has dismissed a $60m (£48.4m) lawsuit centring around Kevin Hart‘s 2017 s-x tape. The tape in question featured Hart engaged in extramarital physical activity with Montia Sabbag, and was made public after an extortion attempt by a third party.

In the suit, filed by Sabagg, she claimed she was filmed having physical relation with Hart in a Las Vegas hotel room without her knowledge, and that Hart had conspired with former friend Jonathan Todd Jackson to create and leak the tape for publicity.

The Blast reports that a California-based judge ordered “all claims” to be dismissed against Hart in the lawsuit filed by Sabbag, saying that the suit was “brought in the wrong venue”.

A judge had previously dismissed the case last year without prejudice, before Sabbag refiled in California.

Jackson was charged with extorting Hart using the tape, but the charges were dropped in 2019.

Hart had also long claimed that Sabbag never properly served him with related legal documents, stating in a motion that the server had thrown the legal papers “out of a car window”.

The comedian has always affirmed that he was a victim of the extortion scheme, and did not consent to the tape’s production.

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