Azriel Clary Says She’s Ready To Tell Everything About Her Life With R. Kelly From The Past 5 Years – Video

According to theshaderoom on 26th April 2020, This year has definitely been a defining year for R.

Kelly’s charged former girlfriend Azriel Clary. Following the singer’s custody, she finally returned home to her family after she left the singer’s Chicago home behind. However, before making her final exit, she and R, Kelly’s other claimed girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage, got into a fistfight over the situation.

In the months that have followed, Azriel has become a consistent social media user, and she has been open with her followers. She has also been sharing her different talents with her audience. But now it looks like she is finally ready to answer the questions that many people have been asking for some time. Late Saturday, Azriel uploaded a video to her YouTube channel revealing that she is finally ready to open up about her life with R. Kelly from the past five years.

Upnewsinfo reports on 26th April 2020, She said in the video, “In my 5 years of being with him I will talk about everything that has happened in those 5 years. I will talk about everybody, to manipulation, to our everyday routine, to our lives, to our houses, studio, everything. I will tell you guys everything. I will tell you guys how h thought, how he maneuvered, how he was manipulative and you guys will start to see on your own as I start to tell the story the depths of lies.

The depth he would go to, to make a lie believable.” She reiterated, the series of videos she plans to release is not a way to put anyone on blast, but just a method she is using to heal and grow from the situation. Earlier this month, Azriel wrote a sweet message to Joycelyn on social media letting her know that she misses her and that she knows one day Joycelyn will remember the strength she has.

This article was originally published on the on 26th April 2020, on 26th April 2020

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