Mom Furious After Seeing Family Photo In Ad Saying They Passed Away – Video

A California mother says she feels ‘breach’ after discovering that a face mask company used one of her family photos in an advertisement that claimed they had depart of COV-19.

The ad, created by the company FilterMax, features a photo of Sara Ancich alongside her husband and three children. As per Daily Mail On 15 Apr 2020 It features a caption beneath the image which reads: ‘Youngest son from a family of 5 is the sole survivor of a pandemic after wearing a CDC approved filter’.

‘Who would have the audacity to clearly not know a family and type that they had depart?’ an outraged Ancich asked in an interview with CBS News on Monday. The mom-of-three says she was first alerted to the ad by concerned friends who had seen it on Social Media. ‘They were all reaching out saying, ‘Is this true,’ ‘You haven’t posted anything in a while,’ ‘Are you there,’ ‘Are you OK,” Ancich stated.

The bogus FilterMax ad claimed that the family members had contracted COV-19 while attending a local church service.

As per Thesun On 16 Apr 2020 ‘The family didn’t wear any face masks which led them to be easily infected in that huge crowd,’ the ad falsely claims. Ancich told CBS News that vulnerable people could clearly be duped by the ad – even though she and her family are very much alive and well.

‘It’s on the forefront of everybody’s mind in the news and everything and how quickly it is taking lives. It could so, so clearly been true to people,’ she stated.

Ancich contacted Social Media and asked them to remove the ad from their site – however, it continued to pop up. ‘It’s breach…. I don’t know how I could have prevented this,’ she said.Ancich said the family photo was taken eight years ago, and must have been stolen off one of her social media accounts.

The FilterMax ad also claimed that their products were approved by the Food Administration. However, the FDA told CBS News that there had been no such approval.CBS News contacted Social Media about the bogus advertisement, and the company immediately removed it from its site.Social Media has now ‘banned all ads having to do with hand sanitizer, masks, wipes and COV-19 tests’.

Indeed, millions of anxious Social Media users may have been duped into believing the ad given the continuing global spread of COV-19. Two million people across the world have now tested positive to the contagious virus, and 128,000 people have loose life. More than a quarter of COV-19 cases are located in the United States. More than 615,000 Americans have tested positive to the disease, and 26,000 have loose life.

This Article Was Originally Published On (15 Apr 2020) (16 Apr 2020)

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