The Game Loses Record Label & “Born 2 Rap” Royalties To Priscilla Rainey As Part Of $7 Million $exual Assault Judgement – Video

Roommates, The Game is dealing with a major loss in court—one that will cost him millions. A judge recently awarded Priscilla Rainey, who charge The Game of inappropriate behavior, the ownership of his record label and the royalties of his album “Born 2 Rap” as part of a $7 million judgement.

You may recall that back in 2015, Priscilla Rainey filed a claim The Game after claiming that he touch in inappropriate way on her the set of his VH1 reality dating show.

The Game denied all charges against him and as a result, never took the trial very seriously. This is what led to a $7 million judgment being awarded in Rainey’s favor back in 2016.Since then, According To Theshaderoom On 18 Apr 2020 The Game has been brawling for an appeal, but hasn’t had any luck.

He also refused to pay—however that may be set to change given the recent judgement. Judge Virginia A. Phillips recently granted Rainey the rights to all of the royalties from The Game’s latest album, “Born 2 Rap” and control of his independent label L.A. Prolific Records.

Rainey also has control of the salary he paid himself from the album’s release.Meanwhile, The Game got wind of all the online chatter regarding his finances and took to Instagram to clarify that he has plenty of money to go around.

In a video, he showed off endless stacks of cash on his living room table, as he was unbothered watching the Netflix hit “Tiger King.”

This Article Was Originally Published On ( April 18th, 2020 )

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