Bay Area Walmart Man Sh0t & K1lled For Swinging Bat At Cop$ – Video

The man who was bang and eliminate inside an East Bay Walmart store after minatory officers with a baseball bat has been identified as 33-year-old Steven Taylor of San Leandro, according to the Alameda County coroner and San Leandro cop.

According to abc7news On 20 Apr 2020 The incident was first reported at around 3:30 p.m. at Walmart located at 1555 Hesperian Boulevard in San Leandro Saturday afternoon.

San Leandro cop were initially dispatched to the store after getting a report of a mugging. Officers found no signs of theft taking place when they arrived on the scene.

Instead, officers encountered a suspect swinging a baseball bat near the entrance inside the store. As per Tmz On 19 Apr 2020 “Both officers deployed their tasers which was not successful,” said Ted Henderson, San Leandro Department. “After those deployments, one officer remove. The report is he was swinging a bat. We don’t know how close he was to the officer.”

When speaking about the officer’s use of force, Lt. Henderson said, “If there is a taser deployment, there has to be some type of perceived threat and this is an active threat.” As per Daily Mail On 19 April 2020 A shopper who preferred to remain anonymous drove to the San Leandro Walmart hoping the lines were shorter for supplies. Instead, she found chaos.”It’s scary. I was at the back of the store and all I heard was a bunch of people running.”

According to the San Leandro Po-lice Dept. the officer who suspect is a 20+ year veteran. He is now under administrative leave. In a statement to ABC7 News, a Walmart spokesperson writes: The San Leandro Walmart is closed for the time being and San Leandro Po-lice Department and Alameda County District Attorney are investigating the incident. At least 20 people are being interviewed as witnesses of this incident.

This Article Was Originally Published On ( 19 April 2020 ) (  19 April 2020 ) ( April 20, 2020 )

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