OT Genasis Says He Will Not Tolerate Anybody Speaking On His Son, Especially Keyshia Cola’s Sister Neffe – Video

According to theshaderoom on 15th April 2020, Whew! What started off as a little jokey joke between OT Genasis and Keyshia Cole has gotten completely out of hand! After going back and forth with Keyshia’s sister, Neffe, on Instagram, OT hopped on Instagram live to give an explanation about how things got to this point.

Upnewsinfo reports on 15th April 2020, OT started off remaking one of Keyshia’s songs, and he says while things have gone too far, he was just “being petty and having fun”.

He also says one thing he won’t tolerate is anybody speaking on his child, which is why things have gotten so ugly. “Ole girl jumped in it, so I got on her,” he said.

“Their family is really fked up though, I really shouldn’t be talking about their family like that but, she started talking about my son and all kinds of sht. Thats the only reason why I kept it going.” “So a btch can talk about my son, but because she’s a woman, I can’t say nothing?” he said.

“I love every woman in the world, just not that btch.” If y’all were following the drama on our Instagram page, things got heated between OT and Neffe, and OT even threw snaps are Keyshia’s mother, who struggled with addiction.

Since his Instagram live, neither Neffe or any member of her family has responded to his lil’ story time, and OT posted that he’s finally just going to leave the situation alone. Do y’all think either them went too far, Roomies? Let us know in the comments!

This article was originally published on the on 15th April 2020, on 15th April 2020

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