Erykah Badu To Perform Live Stream Concert From Her Bedroom – Video

The singer star Erykah Badu is getting ready for an interactive live stream broadcast for the price of just $1. It is the quarantine concert series that will be held from the bedroom and streamed all over the social media.

This was announced by her on Tuesday (March 17).

She said that peace and love, the show must go on. She adds in the instagram that introducing the quarantine concert series live from her bedroom. They will be performing here live this weekend, $1 to get into the concert.

She stated that they got to keep moving all of them. They got to keep this thing going. They are a community of artists whose survival depends on the performance, creating, laughing, living and loving.

Fans shall have the golden opportunity to choose the songs on which Badu performs. She will be sharing more details as promised on the interactive concert soon.

She joins the other artists who have been using the inetagram and other social media outlets to perform for fans while the U.S. and many countries around the world  remain under self confinement due to the fear of the COVID-19.

This concept of the telecast from the bedroom is a latest concept in the context of the onslaught of the COVID-19. This gives a chance to the artist to perform apart from letting him out of the room and expose him to the danger of catching up with the it.

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