24-Year Old Instagram Model Worth $4 Million For Her Beautiful Dark Skin Tone – Video

With her intense dedication and her stunning perfect dark skin tone, Nyakim Gatwech, a 24-year-old model affectionately recognized as Queen of the Night, is turning heads everywhere. She’s trying to show to others that her skin tone is really positive and encourages everyone to do the same.

Owing to suffering, Gatwech, a South Sudanese raised in Ethiopia, had to travel with her family as refugees to different countries.

Her family later immigrated to the United States, settling in Buffalo, New York, where she was having trouble adjusting to the society.

I was good with my self-esteem until I began to be broken down by culture, so I started searching at myself, she told CBS News in an interview.

Will I fit in with what the culture finds beautiful? She then relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she attended State University and St. Cloud Tech High School.

This is when she gained further recognition and then started her interest in modelling.

Now, there are moments where the photographer attempts to improve her skin to make it brighter, but she maintained she needs to stay faithful to her natural beauty. She said she also met a Uber driver once, who told her to bleach her skin and would even pay her to do so.

Yet she just answered with a grin, saying, It’s interesting that I always get this question today, people have to acknowledge that we’re special. Today, Gatwech is making use of her insights to inspire young girls around the world. She has earned a lot of encouragement since then, and reportedly has over 688,000 fans on Instagram.

She’s an outstanding black kid, she’s me and I’m her. My amazing niece’s why I do everything I do and she doesn’t glance at herself in the mirror and see anything but perfection, in a culture that wants to convince us every day that we’re not the perfection stander, I’m telling her and all the little black girls out there that they’re stunning, strong, courageous and a ton more so.

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