Woman Detained After Threatening To Cough On LAPD Officer & Claiming She Had C-orona V-irus – Video

C-orona v-irus seems to have folks thinking they can do as they please 1 LAPD officer claims he experienced it firsthand with a rogue, and possibly contagious, car parker. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ a cop in L.A.

came across a woman this weekend.

Whom he says was parked in a handicap spot without a proper placard, and when he approached her over the disobedience we’re told things turned sickly.

Our sources say the woman almost instantly became combative with the officer, warning to cough on him and give him c-orona v-irus something she claimed she’d contracted.

Well, that didn’t deter the cop we’re told he captured her for felony offensive warns.

Unclear if the woman actually had COVID-19, but in any case we’re told the officer gloved up for the bust and washed up after.

As for whether this charge will stick, that’s also hard to say for sure as we’re told something like that is considered a wobbler meaning if she’s eventually charged, the D.A. has the option to leave it a felony, or reduce to a misconduct.

Nonetheless, it’s pretty crazy that an reported parking disobedience escalated to a viral face-off.Crazy times, indeed.

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