Three Hero Schoolboys Found A Man About To Jump Off Bridge – They Grabbed Him And Didn’t Let Go – Video

A group of three schoolboys did something that takes a lot of guts and courage! While traveling home from school they saw a man sitting with a rope around his neck on the edge of a A10 overpass in Waltham Cross.

According to LAD Bible, Devonte Cafferkey, 13, Sammy Farah, 14, and Shawn Young, 12 immediately ran over to the man and tried to talk him out of jumping.

When he went jump, they grabbed onto him and refused to let him go. Shawn ended up calling for help, and two other passerby’s came ran over to help them.

All five of the heroic life-savers will be recognized for their actions through an award from the Royal Humane Society, a charity promoting life-saving intervention. Shawn’s mom, Carol, is extremely proud of the three young men.

She told the Mirror “I am extremely proud of all three of them, they are all good boys and it’s nice that they are getting recognised for doing something good in the community.”

“Quite often in the national news there are a lot of negative reports about young people so it is nice to have something positive. “They are very young and I marvel at how they are all dealing with it.

Every time I speak to them I learn something new about what happened. “For example, the man was passing out and got heavier for them, I didn’t know that until recently.”

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