‘House Party’ Released 30 Years Ago Today – Video

There is no doubt that “House Party,” is a classic and a staple within our culture, which is why the film’s 30th anniversary holds an important significance. 30 years ago today, the film, which starred Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin (Kid N Play), and directed by Reginald Hudlin, released in theaters and it would go on to become a classic as it embodied everything that represented the 90’s era.

While helping to merge both pop and film. As many of you know, Kid N Play was already a successful rap duo prior to the film’s release. However, the success of the film catapulted their careers and placed them in an even bigger market.

They would go on to star in the second and third installments of the house party franchise.

They also starred in the 1992 film “Class Act.” Aside from Kid N Play, the film featured a number of other stars that are on legendary status. From Robin Harris to John Witherspoon, Martin Lawrence, Full Force, Tisha Campbell Martin, and A.J. Johnson.

The impact of the film has spanned across generations. Even in the year 2020, it is still cool to not only wear the unique fashions from this film but also dance as well.

If there is anything that is the most memorable from the film, it definitely would have to be the dance battle scene where Kid N Play displays their legendary dance moves. Reginald Hudlin spoke with Black Film in an exclusive video about the film’s 30th anniversary.

When asked about how does he feel about the relevance of the film 30 years later, he said, “That’s great.

Time is what really tells the story. The fact that it was a success at the time and the cuts of the dance numbers are still constantly popping up on social media,

It just means that it’s still relevant to young people today. It’s wonderful.” Check out some classic scenes from the film below.

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