A Woman Live Herself On Instagram To Show off Relaxing Her Hair When Chunks Began Falling Out – Video

But while we’ve all had our fair share of hair raising disasters over the years, one beauty blogger has learned the hard way NOT to bleach her hair at home.

Instagram star Lorraine Blake known online as Lola Faith filmed a live bleaching tutorial video for her 55,000 followers last week.

No stranger to a daring hair colour, the 18 year old, from New York, originally set out to dye her locks bright blue. However, Lola made an extreme error in judgement when she decided to relax the hair (i.e.

apply harsh chemicals to straighten curls) before then applying bleach.

Much to her horror, Lola’s hair quickly began falling out in clumps as she brushed through it with a comb.

Disappearing off camera, Lola can be heard telling her flatmate: “Bro, my hair is falling out. Oh my god.”

Unsure of what to do next, the teen continued combing out her hair while her viewers watched with horror you know, like when you can’t quite force yourself to look far from a scary movie.

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And rather than the bright blue hair she was hoping for, Lola found herself left totally bald by the incident.

Since she shared the clip to her YouTube channel, Lola’s followers says she was “insanely lucky” to have only got far without chemical burns on her scalp. Another warned: “You should NEVER mix chemicals like that.”

Although her bold new look didn’t pan out quite like she’d hoped, Lola told Metro: “I’ve had my hair relaxed before when I was younger but I would’ve never though that this would happen.

“My hair will grow back soon but for right now I’m going to be rocking this new bald look!” Moral of the story? Don’t mess around with bleach kids.

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