2-Year-Old Boy Starts Drumming Along As Mom Sings, Open-Mouthed Onlookers Grab Camera & Hit Record – Video

This tiny human may be only 2-years-old but he also has the rhythm and skills of a music pro! Lennox who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his mom and dad and he already has millions of fans online thanks to his viral videos.

He loves jamming out with his mom to her band’s song “I Can” as a guitarist strums along to with them.

Music clearly runs in the family, his mom Shintara Nicole Noble, 34, is a singer in a gospel band called ‘Speak Life’. Herman Noble, his father, is a rapper.

Shintara says people have been predicting Lennox will have a career in music since birth – now we can see why.

When he was a year and a half, he would come to work with me (at a hair salon) and he would take my crochet needles and he would be just drumming on my TV stand and people would walk past and be like, “He’s gonna be a drummer.”

Mom has now bough Lennox his own drum set to help this musical prodigy blossom. I don’t know about you, but based on the skills we’ve seen so far, I would say it is well worth the investment! So far he’s been getting a lot of love and intrigue from many professional drummers. He’s even got to play a concert with popular Christian recording artist Chris Tomlin.

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