10 Reasons Why “My Wife And Kids” Is The Greatest Sitcom of All Time

First of all, the Kyle’s don’t get enough props in these family sitcom streets

And Michael Kyle is the TV dad we all wish we had

He says everything you wish you could say to a kid

And he is incapable of holding his ~tongue~

His son Junior is a handful who is guaranteed to make you cry-laugh with his absurdity

I mean, the boy decided to cool off a wire by putting it in a CUP OF WATER, y’all. And Michael thought he was trying to have a dance off

The story of the youngest daughter Kady Kyle’s birth was ~unbelievably~ funny

Not to mention Kady was the most adorable TV daughter of all time…

…even though she couldn’t spell lemonade.

Jay is the epitome of the loving, supportive, strong, and independent black woman

But, she too can do the most at times herself

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