Meet The Palindrome Baby Who Was Born On February 2, 2020, At Exactly 20:02 – Video

A baby girl born on Feb. 2, 2020 in Kentucky, United States, is among the first palindrome babies in the world in almost 909 years, with the last batch being born on Nov.

11, 1111. What makes mother Laken Masters’s baby girl extra special, however, is that Charlee Rose was born on exactly 8:02 p.m., or in military time, 20:02, as per CBS/CW-affiliate WKYT-TV on Feb. 3.

Baby Charlee’s birth aligned with a very rare universal palindrome day (02/02/2020), which is the same forward and backward.

Her time of birth, which is also a palindrome, is just a bonus for the baby’s already special birthday. As if in perfect coincidence, however, the mother was in labor for about only 20 minutes to give birth at 20:02, according to the report.

“I’m glad that she’s here and everything went well. I was only in labor for about 20 minutes,” Masters was quoted as saying.

“It makes me think she will be a very unique individual. You’re definitely going to be different aren’t ya?” the proud mother added. The next universal palindrome day will only come until after 101 years, on Dec.

12, 2121. Ian Biong/NVG

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