Allyson Felix Breaks Usain Bolt’s Medal Record 10 Months After Giving Birth – Video

Winning 11 gold medals at track and field events in the IAAF World Championship is no small feat. Only two people had ever managed to do it until this week: world-famous Olympian Usain Bolt, and Allyson Felix.

Yet Felix does not need to exchange the record any more. At this week’s World Championships in Doha, Qatar, she and her team won gold in the 4-4400-meter mixed-gender relay, setting their time in the process a world record.

But that gold medal indicates that Felix has exceeded Bolt and now holds the world record for most medals in the World Championship, with 12 alone to her credit. Oh, and after giving birth to her daughter through an emergency C-section she did it just 10 months.

It would be an understatement to say this year has been a rollercoaster. In November 2018 Felix’s daughter Camryn was born. She was premature and required a C-section of emergency, which obviously took Felix off training for a while. Then, she spent months in intense contract negotiations with her sponsor Nike.

Who declined to agree not to punish her financially if she was unable to perform in the months after giving birth at her absolute best. Sure, it really did happen. The woman had an immediate C-section, and because of this, Adidas would not consent to not stop paying her. You’re not alone when you are sighing “WTF” to yourself.

She had posted on Instagram before the race how grateful she was to have her little girl with her there. Nowadays Cammy is 10 months old. Figuring out life for this mom.

For my health, for my daughter, for women and mothers, for what I deserve and for my fitness, I had to struggle a lot this year.

I’m really proud to be at my 9th World Championships and this one is very special because my baby girl is in the stadium to watch everything, she writes.

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