Firefighter’s Warning To Teens Over ‘Penny Challenge’ On TikTok – Video

The viral game, which started on video sharing app TikTok, sees teens plug part of a charger into a wall, before touching the exposed prongs with a penny to create a spark.

The effect of the challenge is an electric shock. Michael Clusker, Station Manager in Carlisle, Cumbria, has flamed the “dangerous” game, warning it could spark blazes.

He said: “The outcome from this is that someone will get seriously hurt.

“Every year there are numbers of people finished by electrical shocks.

It can finish you if it gets you right. “Anything that interferes with electrical equipment – unless you are a qualified electrician – is very dangerous.”

In one case in the USA, firefighters had to race to a school when a teen dropped a penny on the prongs of an iPhone charger plugged into an outlet.

Mr Clusker says the teens should be more responsible. He said: “I do think social media is an issue, giving people ideas that are probably not ideal. “People should take responsibility for their own actions.

“In my 25 years in the job I have seen the consequences of people overstepping the mark when it comes to showing off. “We would encourage people not to mimic or copy some of the reckless stunts that are commonly viewed on social media.

“When emergency services do attend these incidents, it does take up vital resources that should be available for other emergencies. “People take risks. Some in vehicles, driving recklessly. You could get a similar outcome as someone who messes with a switch.”

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