Wendy Williams Is What Happens When You Don’t Cancel A Bitch The 1st Time She Gets Out of Pocket – Video

She stays putting her foot in her mouth, saying the wrong thing about the wrong people at the wrong time— yet, she keeps on getting a pass. Why? For what? We’re only on the third day of Black History Month, and yo mama is out here loving it up for everyone (in my D.L.

Hughley voice) talking shit about Beyoncé and Jay-Z because yesterday they didn’t stand for the Super Bowl national anthem.

While their motives have yet to be made public, one can only assume that it is linked to the same causes why Colin Kaepernick kneeled— racial injustice is still a problem, and that national anthem does not refer to anybody black in this country nor does it imply something.

Already, I know white people are going to appear in the forums and convince me that I’m mistaken and that’s just for everyone, and I’m here to say you’re going to pull such claims out of the grays or otherwise be dismissed, because I’ve expressed what I’ve said — and so have a ton of other black people too.

I lead my best life and I don’t go back and forth with you niggas. Anyway, what did the biggest goofy on earth do? Putting her latest Ivy Parkx Nike dress on, she went on her television show and said very clearly and incorrectly that Bey and Jay were mistaken and should have stood for the anthem.

She then suggested they may leave if they do not like our country. Wendy got a bit of a trigger. Instead of trying to score brownie points and find fault people for doing what is in their hearts, I’m sure you have more important things to focus on, ma’am.

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