Without A Computer, This Teacher From Ghana Taught Microsoft Word To Students On A Blackboard – Video

We have since our childhood days come across many teachers. Some of them are still etched in our memories as their way of teaching was unique. Today we are going to talk about one such teacher who has invented a new technique in the teaching line.

He has compiled a unique way of teaching a subject on the black board that is very difficult to teach without the help of audio visual aids.

we dedicate our today’s content to this great teacher who teaches in a school in the city of Ghana. So I would request you all to meet Richard Appiah Akoto.

He is a teacher from Ghana.

He has gained international fame and attention for teaching his students the use of Microsoft Word without the help of a computer. He does it all on the black board.

He manages to draw the entire computer screen on the black board with every single detail and then he explains to the students and the students are doing very good in his class.

He makes all the displays on the black board with a chalk and his hands. The pictures and videos of him taking class and drawing on the black board have gone viral.

Everyone is astonished regarding how can someone teach the functionality of a computer program on the black board and everyone wants to meet this amazing teacher.

We all pray to God to bless this teacher with a long teaching life and may he live long to teach the students about the computer even in the absence of a proper computer.

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