Nicki Minaj Breaks Her Instagram Hiatus With Pink Hair & Husband Kenneth Petty – Video

After revealing to the world that she would be slowing down on her musical releases to start a family with her husband Kenneth Petty, Nicki Minaj effectively dropped off the face of the planet.

She was to be seen and heard from absolutely nobody but, this time, her fans were not worried. In the past, Minaj has gone on a hiatus from posting updates online, which had led to rumors of a new album, a pregnancy, and more.

Thanks to her forewarning, nobody was really too surprised that she was as inactive as she was.

After a couple of months, Nicki has officially returned and, with a new feature on Meghan Trainor’s single arriving tonight, there could not have been a more opportune time.

Sharing her first new pictures in a minute, Nicki Minaj made her triumphant return to social media this morning, rocking a skin-tight bodysuit, a pink wig, and some high heels. The second clip in the gallery highlights Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty, who has quite the controversial past.

He casually places his arm on her backside while the cameraman does his job, snapping with finesse. Hopefully, the Queen remains on social media for the time being. Now that she’s back, we certainly feel the void that she left. Do you hope she sticks around for a while longer?

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