15, 48, 70, 92: Erykah Badu Brings Us To Tears Showing The Living 4 Generations of Women In Her Family – Video

You will be surprised to know about the women of this family for sure. If you check the family tree then you will notice that the women of this family consist of living 4 generations.

Just a single glance at the ages of the women in this family will tell you the story. The respective ages of the women are as 15, 48, 70 and 92. You can yourself imagine the daughter and the granddaughter and the mom and the grandma in the family. This family was introduced to us by Erykah Badu who is a member of this wonderful family.

And while she was telling about her family she was all in tears. She showed us the video of her ageless family and for sure it is a nod to all moms of the world. Her post on the instagram just warms our heart. Seeing this display of generational love is such a moving thing for all of us who have witnessed the video.

We hope that many more people come forward and share their love for their moms and grand moms. We hope that many other celebrities come forward and share the same way their family with the world and make proud their moms and grand moms of the families.

It looks so warming and lovely when some member of the family takes pride in boasting about the generational bond that has been developing within the family and it bonds all the members of every age group and generation in a single bond and live happily under the same family name.

It is not for the first time that some one has come up with the  post about her family, there have been many instances in the past when many persons have posted about the good things about his or her family and shared it with the rest of the world.

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