Angry Teacher Threw Lunch In Trash In Front of All Students And Saying You Can Never Eat It At School – Video

To maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle you got to eat healthy and nutritious food and also have a healthy schedule for your meals so that you eat them at the right time.

Now a days we all seem to have very crazy schedules and it is very difficult for some one to catch up with a square meal between the busy working schedule. However it is not so easy as it sounds to be. It is even harder for some one to find time to cook a good meal for himself and then eat it.

Cooking a healthy and nutritious meal for oneself seems to be like mission impossible. But when it comes to our children then we try our best to teach them good habits for eating and that too how to eat a healthy meal. How to inherit good eating habits and stick to them throughout their life span.

It happened once in Canada when a teacher threw far the contents of the lunch box of a student into the dust bin by telling that the food was not fit to be consumed by the student due to the lack of healthy nutrients in the food.

This was found out when the mom of the student complained of the teacher’s behavior to the authorities. The action was done in front of all the other students who were present in the class room that day.

The school had just started a program to educate the students of the school with different healthy eating habits in the school and under such a program and as a part of such a program the teacher had taken the action against the student as reported by the school authorities.

They also asked the parents to take up the initiative and encourage their children to abide by the school program and tell them to inherit such healthy eating habits in their life.

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