Peter Gunz Will Reportedly Be The New Host of ‘Cheaters’ – Video

If you’ve seen any kind of daytime TV, I’m pretty sure that you’ve run across a show called’ Cheaters.’ You’re probably acquainted with the one that interviews a scorned man or woman who believes that their partner is cheating on them and enlists a whole camera crew to trap them Throughout the series, this individual is tracked by the camera crew and when they are spotted doing what they are doing, BOOM, the camera crew’ Cheaters’ and host pop out and essentially wonder why they’ve chosen their dirty dog ways.

Ironically enough, the series is revamping itself and has recruited the support of none except Peter Gunz! That’s Peter Gunz from Love & pop New York. So, if you’ve seen Love & pop as you’re acquainted with Peter’s love triangle with his children’s mother, Tara Wallace and his creative collaborator and impromptu friend, Amina Buddafly.

There was a whole lot of cheating going on during that whole situation! Peter would often lie with Tara on Amina,or in the case of artistic love cheat with Amina on Tara! Peter can genuinely be a perfect fit for the gig however you want to break it down! In reality, he brought the announcement to Instagram, posting a picture of himself with the’ Cheaters ‘ logo simply saying.

“Who better to help you find a cheater than Peter? Just tune the, don’t ask any questions. You can remember Greco at least as the host who got shanked in a ferry. We supposedly claim anyway because there is no discussion of the announcement on Cheaters ‘ social media channels.

Nevertheless, the last message from the company was in May 2019, so we’ll be offering Gunz the benefit of a doubt. Until then, a new season of Cheaters with Peter Gunz as host does not have a word on a start date.

Considering how his own cheating ways were a major LHHNY storyline, it will be too entertaining to pass up the irony of Gunz taking relationship scammers to task.

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