Brian McKnight Writes New Song For Kobe Bryant, ‘Can’t Say Goodbye’ – Video

We have come across many instances where a friend writes and dedicates his song to his friend. But how many times have we come across such incident when someone writes and dedicates his song to a friend who is no more in this world and is lost his life for a long time.

We are moved by such instances that wake our eyes moist by just the thought that how much must the bonding be between the two friends that one of them is dedicating a song to the gone friend.

Today in my content I am taking up the case of Brian McKnight who is honoring his late friend, Kobe Bryant, with a new song that is guaranteed to get you crying all over again over the passing of a Los Angeles legend.

This should be taken as a warning for those who are very soft hearted and cannot hold their emotions and sentiments for they are sure to cry.

The crooner wrote the tune specifically dedicated to Kobe. And by extension to the basket ball star’s daughter called ‘’can’t say goodbye’’. We caught hold of a video where Brian is playing the tune on a guitar and mind you, you are going to shed a tear or two as the tune is touching and very sweet.

You can check it out for your self but again beware of the water works.

Brian says that he has written the song in the video, but still he can’t take all the credit as the song had written itself. As the lyrics touch on the other versions of ‘’goodbye’’ without actually the words coming out of the mouth because it is itself too hard and too final, it is just beautiful.

There is hardly any such song that has been penned down by any lyrics writer for any friend lost or alive in this world.

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