75-Year-Old Woman Walks Across Stage To Earn College Degree In Horry County

There are many achievements in our lives who are not bound by the age limit of the individual. And one such achievement is that of getting educated. There is no age limit or there is no age that can be considered as unfit for gaining education.

Any age is fit for learning and it only depends on the ability of an individual’s capacity of getting educated in his life. There are many legendary persons who have completed their accomplishments at a very later age.

Some great person has also rightly said that there is no age to learn anything and every age is good for a learner.

So today we are talking about one such individual who has performed this feat of getting a degree from a college at a very later stage in life. Yes, we are talking about a woman named Semmi Flory who has walked across the stage to receive her degree from a college in the Horry County at the age of 75.

We all congratulate her on this achievement and pray to God to bless her. She says that it was amazing as she never thought that she could do it at the age of 75.

She told this with her eyes filled with tears and was surrounded by relatives and friends. Despite of the deteriorating health and even being hospitalized after a fall the grandmother preserved to getting her diploma.

She said that she was bored to her granddaughter and she asked her that what was it that she wanted to do. And she answered that she wanted to go back to her school. This was the conversation that took place between the graduating grand mother and her grand daughter.

It is very rare to find such a great legend in real life who has suffer all odds just to get to her goal.

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