Wendy Williams Addresses Fartgate After Becomes Famous For Allegedly Passing Gas On Air – Video

Imagine sitting in a meeting a you cannot control your long toot and have to feel embarrassed afterwards. Though farts are natural but the blast is not always welcome.

By the tone of that fart, I’d have had to adjust my outfit, I’d have left a mark on the couch. Wendy Williams came out swinging against any charge she received during a recent morning show segment.

Williams finally addressed “Fartgate” on Thursday morning, after having gone viral on Twitter when a screenshot from last Friday’s episode appeared to show her passing gas during Hot Topics.

Let me say you something right now, all right? she began, as the term “Fartgate” came up on the screen behind her. I’m not leaning over like this to unleash a fart, So, because it’s easy, I lean over like this.

It’s hard on my body when I sit all the time. I love leaning and relaxing my hips. For 11 years I have done this on this series. Yeah, you know why, I barely fart? My, because all I do is chat, is loose and several different ways. Williams said she would have stopped and addressed the show if she did, because farts are always funny.

I would have had to go alter my costume by the sound of that fart, I would have left a mark in the couch, she added hilariously. I wouldn’t even save the costume, I would throw it away. It would be soiled above soiled behavior. Norman found out that nobody else was superimposing the recording, claiming they could detect it when they looked back at the raw footage.

Gaffer John Anderson also came out to clarify that the noise came from something backstage when they set up a chemistry experiment later on in the series. We loaded a fish tank backstage and we didn’t have the right hose, he said, it was sputtering like somebody was farting. It wasn’t Wendy! Therefore, this is the example of whoever doubted this … Or do you just trust her explanation?

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