Kanye West Reportedly Asked A White Actor To Portray Him In His Biopic – Video

A Kanye West fan’s life has been a wild ride in recent years, from his abrupt genre-change to his governmental affiliations. But with every button, every news headline on the notorious 42-year-old artist gets wilder.

This is no different story. In a biopic he’s working on: “Pineapple Express” star Danny McBride, Kanye West has reportedly chosen an unlikely candidate to star as him.

According to The Mirror, Danny McBride claims Yeezy was rather convincing in his presentation.

He also flew home and watched him play Fortnite with his seven-year-old son! Danny McBride said he was amazed at their initial phone conversation, likely because of their huge difference in appearance:

In a film about his life Kanye asked me to play him. That was a great opportunity and call to get by the star. I don’t know why he would have me do it. Maybe I can reflect the feeling of ego? I don’t have an idea. West recently went down to visit his father, McBride says, and saw his young son enjoy Fortnite.

Nonetheless, preparations for an official West biopic— which probably will include Kim Kardashian’s engagement and President Donald Trump’s latest help— appear unclear. That was a very good day, McBride said. Perhaps we’ll make the movie someday.

Who asks what?Speaking of unorthodox casting choices, McBride’s TropicThunder co-star Robert Downey Jr. recently justified blackface wearing in the 2008 film, in which he portrayed a white-method performer who goes beyond and above playing a black person.

Danny McBride, the star recognized for comedy hits such as The Foot Fist Way, Pineapple Express and Eastbound & Down, is honoured. West asked him to take on a very unlikely task, according to a new interview, The Righteous Gemstones star gives the Guardian.

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