The Game Steps In To Stop Cops From Troubling Kids For Selling Candy, Buys Their Supply So They Can Go Home – Video

We often come across a person with a golden heart who goes out of the way to help someone in need and offers his free services to the unknown strangers.

It could be an act of charity or an act of mercy or even an act of unity. We appreciate the act of such persons and thank them from the bottom of our hearts. In this rare incident we are going to talk about the act by such person who helped some of the kids to earn their livelihood. It happened on a Sunday night in Hollywood. It was a holiday as it was a Sunday for the local people.

The place was buzzing with activity and it was a busy night and the business in the adjoining shops was brisk. But ion the busy area in a corner there was some commotion brewing up. Actually some cops had circled a group of kids who were selling candy in the area and may be some shop keeper had complained to the cops regarding the business being carried out by the kids. The shopkeepers of the area could not see that the kids were diverting the customers from their shops.
At that very moment The Game happened to be passing from the area. He noticed that the cops were questioning the group of kids who were selling candies.

He intervened in the commotion and saw to it that the kids were set free by the cops and carried on their petty business. He not only set the kids free but he bought all their merchandise and helped them to move on in their lives.

We appreciate and praise the effort by The Game and the way he helped the kids to sustain their freedom plus also sell off all their candy at the same time.

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