Mum of Twins, Triplets, Welcomes Another Set of Triplets

In the times when it is really difficult to up bring one child who is always throwing tantrums this lady who is already a mother of 5 children gave birth to another set of triplets and is cherishing her achievement all over the social media.

With nature given the power to give birth only to females it has also made them really strong but fortune is not so good on everyone.

Especially when it comes to giving birth to triplets as the survival of the fittest is only possible for a long and healthy life. The mother has come forward an posted her pictures and has also prayed for the pregnant ladies to God for giving them strength and power for a healthy delivery and good life thereafter.

MY TESTIMONY Often our gifts are withheld by God not because he doesn’t value us but because he wants to give us the highest. I worship a living God…… after 8yrs of waiting, weeping, sowing seeds and, above all, tossing my money at Doctors.. God did it without Cash…. First package of twins (a boy and a girl) I lost one later on.

And meet my first collection of triplets under 11 months, as in CHILDREN ALL MALE THREE WONDERFUL.

Now another group of triplets (TWO BOYS AND A GIRL) As in 7 Boys 3 years from now. (Mum Ejima X3 to me only).. Andsomebody’ll say there’s no God there. I miss you very much, sweet Jesus…. Father note, let them bear fruit, the womb that has not yet taken place. Protect all pregnant mothers, and give them safe delivery in the name of Jesus Amen.

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