A College Counselor Told Michelle Obama She Wasn’t ‘Princeton Material’ – But She Applied To The Ivy League School Anyway And Got In – Video

It so happens that the greatest of personalities had a very humble and poor beginning. We have seen many great personalities and studied their life style and found that most of them started their lives in a very humble and poor condition in their childhood.

Either they belonged to very poor families or were brought up in very unkind type of conditions. They had to struggle through their earlier days and were made to work very hard for a living. It was the hard work and the self determination that urged them forward towards a successful life for themselves and their families.

There are a lot of autobiographies that are written by the great men and also there are a lot of biographies written on the great men and women of the century but they all will point at what I was telling in the starting of my post.

Today we are going to discuss about one such personality who has carved a place in the history of the USA.

Yes, she is Michelle Obama, the first lady and the wife Obama the president of the United States Of America.

The lady has come from a very poor family and has gone to school in her childhood. After the initial schooling from her native town she was admitted to a college in the city.

There a college counselor told Michelle Obama that she was not ‘Princeton Material’. But apart from and ignoring the remark, she applied to the Ivy League in the college and succeeded in getting a membership to the league. So it is not false that many great men and women had to struggle through the initial stages of their lives. Their lives that have been an inspiration to all of us were not that easy to survive and were full of great challenges.

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