Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Are Honorary Members of Miami Cop Department – Video

There are a number of ways that are invented by the communities to honor the brave and courageous members of their community. The people who have brought a good name to the community are honored by the different communities in a manner that they deem fit for the guy to be honored.

Some persons are given testimonials for their  extraordinary display of bravery, some are honored for their kindness, while some are honored for their charity, some are honored for their act of kindness, while some are honored for their extraordinary achievement in academics, etc.

but all are honored to bring some good name for their community.

Here we are talking about the good work done by two actors of the black community and won the honors by a special cop department of the government of the land. Yes, these two actors are Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. These two stars had acted in a movie that was based on the department of the land.

They both acted in the movie so well that the department of Miami has decided to make them an honorary officer of the department. This is one of the rarest honors given to any citizen of the country. It came their way just because of their stardom in the movie that was based on the Miami department and was a blockbuster movie that was liked by the crowds.

This has happened for the first time in the history that two civilians from the public have been awarded such posts without formal recruitment process and without formal training by the department. This is a great achievement for any one of this status. Now they both are enjoying this special status by the department and have got a story to narrate to their grandchildren in the near future.

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