Chicago West & True Thompson Are Cousin Goals In Adorable Videos Of Them Having Lunch And Shopping At Target

From her designer wardrobe to her fancy cars and luxury home, Kim Kardashian enjoys the best of everything. But the reality star still loves a Target run as much as any of us, posting videos to Instagram of daughter Chicago and niece True Thompson having fun during a trip to the discount store.Labeling her footage ‘major cuteness’, she shared clips of the kids enjoying a ride in one of the red rolling carts from Target.

The first video shows Chicago and True, both one, lying down in the cart as someone could be heard counting down: ‘One! Two! Three!’She seemed to be more amused than the kids, as she began spinning the cart around in an empty section of the store.

But toward the end, Chicago shouted, ‘Again! Again!’ as they started laughing through likely dizziness. In another video, True started to stand up in the cart before the driver told her to sit down with her cousin.

This time, Chicago counted along with as they said once again: ‘One, two, three. Let’s go!’ She then started zooming down the aisle as the kids rocked side to side while adorably laughing. The last video shows the kids sitting together at a restaurant while eating some lunch.

Chicago sweetly put a fork up to her cousin’s mouth, sharing her food as they danced around in their seats.

In addition to Chicago, Kim also shares daughter North, six, and sons Saint, four, and Psalm, eight months, with Kanye, 42, whom she married in 2014. She took to Instagram the day before with a photo of a vintage Cartier gold plaque necklace, which Kanye had engraved with a thoughtful text message he sent her. Kim shared a screenshot of the text exchange, which began with a photo he sent of the view out one of their windows.

He then wrote: ‘This your life. Married with four kids. Get people out of penal institution. Cover of Vogue. Go to church every week with your family. Dreams come true.’ Kim first shared the text message back in May, sparking theories that their youngest Psalm had already been born, but he arrived a few days later via surrogate. In addition to their shopping trip, Kim has been feeling a little nostalgia, sharing some throwback snaps of the kids.

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