Amanda Seales Says Marriage Is Not A Goal. ‘We Live In A Different Era, There’s More Options’ – Video

Amanda Seales has just been revealed as the newest co-host on The Real and you better believe she has taken her serious about views with her. It’s 2020 and not every woman wants to be a wife and Amanda revealed she’s one of those women in a discussion on the show with the other ladies.

While in her potential the 38-year-old comedian may see courtesy and engagement, she expressed that she had no desire to legally tie the knot: Marriage is not the goal for me, she said.

“At the end of the day, I suppose if it ended up working out that made sense, well. If not, we’re just going to buy a house together and do a ritual that means, yeah, we’re just doing ourselves, and it has double sense.”

“I know, I guess I’m not feeling comfortable getting the government into my partnership at this point in my life, “she said.

“I guess there’s, too, just the feeling that we’re just living in another day. Once upon a time.

I think marriage was set as a goal because it was our best way to get access to finance, security for a lot of women, just socially, but we’re in a different era.

Jeannie Mai asked Seales what about the pledge people make to each other in marriage, and if she felt like she’d lose out on it.

The comic I Be Knowing claimed getting a marriage license wasn’t meant to be what it took for your mate to do it.

“If we have to sign a paper to pledge yourself to your term, then I believe you are not really dedicated to your word,” she said. We are in a modern world and the women are talking now. With marriage as a second option they are focusing on their career.

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