Lebron James And Serena Williams Named The ‘Associated Press’ Athletes of The Decade – Video

In our life span we come across many celebrated athletes and players who have created history in their own field of excellence. There have been many celebrities who have done work par excellence in what ever sport or games they have played or been a part of the competition.

Many of them have engraved their names in the anals of their field and the sport of their choice. We know a lot of them on our finger tips and can never forget these sports persons through out our lives.

Many of such sports persons have been the living idols for the young sports persons and players whom these young guys take them as their idols so that they can imitate them and become like them in future.

Yes, here we are going to talk about the king and queen of the sports who have reigned supreme as the last decade’s best of all.

They are non another than the great excellence de par LeBron James and Serena Williams. They both have been named as the athletes of the decade by the Associated Press.

Who in this world is not aware of these two great athletes and who in this world is not familiar with their names.

They have both become legends and are now house hold names in the world. Every kid and every adult in every nook and corner of this world are familiar with their names and at once recognize their faces in what ever magazine they are printed.

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