Meet Captivating African Mute Kid With Blue Eyes And ‘Avatar’ Scar

This kid suffers from a skin condition that is called vitiligo. In this condition the skin of the affected grows white patches all over the body or at some specific place.

This condition is curable but that involves a lot of substance intake and the curing process is very long for the comfort of the patient. This medical condition can be an allergic reaction to something that a person has consumed in his diet that he should not have. It usually appears in the persons who take non-veg meals or are high on sea food diet.

In the photo given in this article, it is the photo of an African boy. The boy is suffering from the medical condition that is called the vitiligo. In this condition the skin of the person affected develops white patches all over the body. But in spite of the medical skin condition on his body the boy is seen staring back into the camera.

The boy is blessed with a pair of beautiful blue eyes that are the high light of this photo.

In spite of his skin condition the boy is looking very cute and very lively for the photograph. The condition of vitiligo is also caused by the inability of the skin pigmentation process to form the color pigment at the affected places.

However even more interesting about the youngster is the fact that a white patch formed on the forehead which gives him a close resemblance to the popular movie character in the film Avatar. This resemblance is coupled with the distinctiveness of his blue pupils that give his eyes a distinct glint to look at.

This photo really warmed the hearts of a million on lookers who enjoyed looking at the photo the world wide. It is really a gem of a photograph for the connoisseur.

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