Eniko Hart Cries When Speaking On Cheating Scandal In Trailer For Kevin’s Netflix Docuseries : “You Publicly Embarrassed Me” – Video

The rumors are doing the rounds in the film industry that the relationship between Eniko Hart and Kevin is long headed for a break up. And that is a very bad news.

It was heard by the sources that she said that he had publicly humiliated her. And she had repeatedly kept telling him that how the the netherworld did he let this happen in the first place. Kevin is planning up a new upcoming project and believe me that it is not a block buster movie or a hit film. It is going to be a documentary series that is going to be titled as – DON’T FK This Up.

And this series will be released on December 27. And believe me, this series is going to be an all tiome hit by the greatest of all standards of all time. The biggest thing that happened to Kevin was that he found himself caught up in a cheating scandal that ended up into an extortion drama and that brought a law suit against the comedian.

Rather it all started with a video surfacing up of him having close with Montia Sabbag in a LA hotel room way back in 2017.

Since then the extortion charge against his former friend has been dropped and the recent law suit against him by Montia has been dismissed. She said that the video about the two of them had been filmed without her consent.

While he has put this incident behind and moved forward with his marriage to his wife, but she has some thoughts lingering when she looks back at what ever had earlier happened between the two of them. We can only wish for a happy reunion between the couple and wish both of them all the best in their life and happiness all over again and a life full of love and contentment to them for ever.

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