9 Year Old Boy Buys 100 Sleeping Bags, Socks And Food For The Homeless – Video

Ethan Hill, a 9-year-old Alabama boy, is being applauded by helping the homeless for his efforts to give back to the community. He recently bought 100 sleeping bags and provisions in Birmingham for the homeless.

For two years, by giving sleeping bags and care packages, Ethan has helped the homeless every holiday season. In his third year of doing so, Ethan is trying to make sure that he can help more homeless people to purchase $100 sleeping bags.

Ethan and his parents set up a campaign to raise funds for vulnerable people on social media.

This has earned more than $6,500 so far. His advocacy caught the attention of Birmingham City and Mayor Randall Woodfin, who described his efforts as “at its best servant leadership,” he wrote on Twitter. In addition, Academy Sports and Outdoors reached out to Ethan and offered him a spree of $1,000 to contribute to his initiative.

The store opened early to please Ethan so he could buy sleeping bags, boots, and blankets for cold weather, hand warmers, containers for food, and more for the homeless.

Ethan said every year he plans to help and donate to the homeless and feels blessed that in his community he can give a hand. “I feel grateful to be willing to serve them and I feel fortunate to have what I need,” he said.

The sweet gesture of the kid has inspired a lot of people to come forward and help the homeless with some basic needs like food and woolens to survive the chilly winters. The deed of Ethan is being praised by a lot of people on social media and now numerous Ngo’s have come forward to sponsor him so that he can continue this great initiative for a long time without any financial issues.

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